man pruning trees

Prepping Your Trees And Garden For Spring

Everyone is looking forward to warmer weather - including the plants and trees in your garden! Spring is a time of transformation and by doing a little prepping in the garden during the last weeks of winter, you can get it ready for the most…
fallen tree and power line

Winter Dangers

Winter is surprisingly stressful for trees and it is crucial to look after them carefully in order to protect them, yourself and your property.  A little effort in preparing your tall timbers for the onslaught of winter will go a long way to…
3 spades digging

Getting Your Garden Ready For Autumn

Autumn is a surprisingly important time in the garden - and a little effort over the next few months will mean a rewarding spring season with lush green lawns, vibrant shrubs, healthy trees and beautiful flowers. It’s also a really good…
night stormy sky

Keep your yard safe during storm season

We may only be a few weeks into June but the winter storms have certainly arrived in Perth! You have probably noticed fallen tree branches and other debris around the place after some of the windier days. It’s always a good idea to make…
hose pipe water jet close up of nozzle

Summertime Watering Tips for Trees

Summer is well and truly here, so it’s a good time to think about a summer watering programme for your trees. Studies have shown that for every 18-degree increase in temperature the amount of water lost by a tree and the area around it almost…
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Aussie Backyard Bird Count

At Dickies, our job is just as much about caring for trees and optimising their growth in urban areas, as it is removing those that pose a risk to people or are in poor health. As such, we get to enjoy spending a lot of time in the outdoors…
sapling tree sprouting out of mulch

The Magic of Mulch

We’ve discussed the many benefits of mulching your garden in the past but now that we’re well into Spring, we thought another reminder was in order. In the aftermath of all those winter storms, your fertilisers and mulch may have been washed…
tree with no leaves

Tree treating turmoil

Tree maintenance is not just a summer job. Maintaining trees within the winter season is crucial to not only the tree’s health but also helping to maintain a leaf-free garden, which is sometimes a losing battle. Many trees tend to shed their…
various trees and foliage

Winter’s not coming, it’s already here!

After shivering through the last few days, it’s clear that winter is well and truly upon us. A change in the weather also means adjusting your garden routine, due to the large amount of rainfall we have had over the last few days, and will…