sapling in hand - close up image

Tips for Pruning Young Trees

Correct pruning technique is essential to developing a tree with a strong structure and an appealing shape. While you might think that pruning a young tree could be harmful to its growth, it’s actually better for the tree to have corrective…
tree stump with growth of moss and grass

Dump That Stump: Four Reasons to Have Your Tree Stump Professionally Removed

Do you have a stump in your garden that you’re considering having removed? It may be a leftover from a past tree removal or you might be weighing up whether a future tree removal should include a stump grinding. Here are a few facts to take…
Canary Island Date Palm

Maintaining Your Palms in Perth

Contrary to its name, the Canary Island Date Palm (Phoenix canariensis) – sometimes known as the ‘Pineapple Palm’ – is a common sight around Perth, particularly in the older suburbs.   With its distinctive bark pattern and…