3 spades digging

Getting Your Garden Ready For Autumn

Autumn is a surprisingly important time in the garden - and a little effort over the next few months will mean a rewarding spring season with lush green lawns, vibrant shrubs, healthy trees and beautiful flowers. It’s also a really good…
sapling in hand - close up image

Tips for Pruning Young Trees

Correct pruning technique is essential to developing a tree with a strong structure and an appealing shape. While you might think that pruning a young tree could be harmful to its growth, it’s actually better for the tree to have corrective…
tree stump with growth of moss and grass

Dump That Stump: Four Reasons to Have Your Tree Stump Professionally Removed

Do you have a stump in your garden that you’re considering having removed? It may be a leftover from a past tree removal or you might be weighing up whether a future tree removal should include a stump grinding. Here are a few facts to take…
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Summertime Watering Tips for Trees

Summer is well and truly here, so it’s a good time to think about a summer watering programme for your trees. Studies have shown that for every 18-degree increase in temperature the amount of water lost by a tree and the area around it almost…
sapling tree sprouting out of mulch

The Magic of Mulch

We’ve discussed the many benefits of mulching your garden in the past but now that we’re well into Spring, we thought another reminder was in order. In the aftermath of all those winter storms, your fertilisers and mulch may have been washed…