Maintaining Your Palms in Perth

Contrary to its name, the Canary Island Date Palm (Phoenix canariensis) – sometimes known as the ‘Pineapple Palm’ – is a common sight around Perth, particularly in the older suburbs.


With its distinctive bark pattern and the fan of palm fronds sprouting from its top, the Date Palm will always be a stand-out feature of any garden. It is also ideally suited to Perth’s climate, being very hardy and able to withstand salt spray and periods of drought. To grow successfully, all they require are lots of direct sunlight, well-drained soil and the space to grow.


However, this is a statement palm both in appearance and size, so not suited to small suburban gardens. At their full size (which can take anywhere from 25 to 80 years, depending on water supply) they generally reach 10 to 20 metres in height and the fronds can be 9 metres wide.


Canary Island Date Palms can continue to grow happily without much intervention from their owners but they do require maintenance. When the old fronds die, they hang instead of dropping, and this can present a fire hazard during hot Perth summers. Larger, solitary palms have even been known to go up in flames when struck by lightning during summer storms!


Another, far less appealing feature, is that these trees are popular with the rodents of Perth. The dead fronds and rough bark provide an excellent place for them to hide and build nests, and the height protects them from many predators. The date fruit adds additional enticement.


It’s therefore highly recommended that you stay on top of your Canary Island Date Palm maintenance before these small problems become large issues. It’s not just Date Palms that require attention, similar problems occur in many of the larger palm species that are commonly found in Perth. The team at Dickies can help. We will remove dead fronds and fruit, and trim the bark to return your palm its slim and stately self, making it much less inviting to unwelcome visitors.


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