Aussie Backyard Bird Count

At Dickies, our job is just as much about caring for trees and optimising their growth in urban areas, as it is removing those that pose a risk to people or are in poor health. As such, we get to enjoy spending a lot of time in the outdoors and sometimes come across different birdlife, like this cute little guy.

October 23–29 is National Bird Week and the Aussie Backyard Bird Count is a central part of this celebration. We encourage any Dickies clients who are interested to get involved and spend a little slice of their day outdoors enjoying the Spring weather.

In 2016, 61,000 amateur birdwatchers counted 1.4 million birds across a seven-day period, and BirdLife Australia is keen to get as many Aussies as they can joining in to make this year’s count the largest ever.

It’s easy to take part. Simply click on the link to register and then set aside 20 minutes to sit in your garden and monitor the birds that come through. There’s even a free app to help you identify the different birds and log your count, making the whole thing hassle-free.

BirdLife uses this data to look at the trends in our bird communities from year to year and get an overall gauge of the health of our environment.

So why not give it a go?

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