The Magic of Mulch

We’ve discussed the many benefits of mulching your garden in the past but now that we’re well into Spring, we thought another reminder was in order. In the aftermath of all those winter storms, your fertilisers and mulch may have been washed away, so a nice nutrient-rich top up could give your garden a boost.


There are several reasons that mulch is a good idea but the first, and most important for Australian gardens, is water conservation. Mulch provides a protective top layer, which aids in moisture retention and prevents the soil in your garden beds from drying out too quickly. As we move into the warmer months, this is a relatively cheap and easy way of decreasing water usage.


Mulch also acts as a deterrent to weeds and reduces weed germination. October is the big weed month in Australia and you’ve probably noticed a sudden increase in your garden. Laying down mulch will help to keep those little buggers at bay.


A further benefit is that mulch maintains the soil at a more constant temperature and organic mulch adds extra organic matter and nutrients to the soil, all of which will help out your plants. For this reason, we recommend organic mulch over inorganic (gravel, pebbles etc.) and we create our own coarse woodchip mulch from tree prunings. Coarse woodchips take longer to break down than other types of organic mulch and are non-absorbent, allowing water to reach the soil.


When using coarse mulches, a 15 cm layer works best and Dickies Tree Service can deliver to cover areas from 50 m2 – 100 m2. Before you lay down the mulch, be sure to weed the area, give the soil a long soak and add a layer of compost for best results.


Dickies provides mulch deliveries on a basis of when we have a load in the area and according to our priority list.

There are three lists you can join:

1st Priority – PAID List – Prices as follows:

  • Full load – $290
  • 10 m3 – $220
  • Half load – $180
  • 5 m3 – $150

2nd Priority – DELIVERY FEE List – $50

3rd Priority – FREE List

We cannot guarantee when we will have a delivery in your area available and would contact you on the day.

To be added to our list, please provide you best daytime contact number, nominate which list you would like to join, how much mulch you would like delivered, the address for delivery, where on the property you would like the mulch dropped, and if you are happy for us to deliver if we cannot get through to you on the phone.


Dickies Trees are qualified arborists and tree surgeons with 30 years of experience. In addition to delivering mulch and pruning your trees, we specialise in all professional tree services, including tree removal, tree stump grinding, tree lopping and power line clearance.


Give our friendly team a call on 9249 4077 to discuss your tree and garden requirements.