Tree treating turmoil

Tree maintenance is not just a summer job. Maintaining trees within the winter season is crucial to not only the tree’s health but also helping to maintain a leaf-free garden, which is sometimes a losing battle. Many trees tend to shed their leaves in autumn or in the early days of winter. The loss of leaves can not only spoil the aesthetic of an environment, but can also become hazardous to the surrounding landscape, pathways, and main roads.

Here are our handy tips to ensure you have safe trees all through this winter season:

1. Detect problems: Winter is an ideal time to prune trees, no matter the size. Pruning in winter will allow a tree specialist (such as Dickies Tree Services) to assess any structural issues with garden-based trees, and take the appropriate action. This will allow the tree specialist to get to the root of the problem (pardon the pun).

2. Tree neglect: Lack of maintenance, especially within the winter months, can leave many large-scale garden based trees susceptible to death! If tree branches are not properly maintained, the tree wood may begin to rot and prevent healthy branches from growing and properly flourishing within the summer months.

3. Tree Youth: If you have what’s known as a ‘young tree’ – either a small to medium size or freshly planted tree, it is important to show them some TLC within the winter months. By enlisting the proper care, and maintaining trees while they’re young, this promotes correct and healthy future tree growth.

4. How to spot tree damage?

  • Dead or dying tree branches or twigs
  • Crossed branches
  • Uneven ground surrounding the tree
  • Tree fungi: if a tree is sprouting fungi or small mushrooms, this is an indication that the tree is dying or dead
  • Tree cracks
  • Overhanging branches: a branch may hang in a hazardous position e.g. near a power line
If you have a tree which exhibits any of these signs, contact Dickies Trees.
Dickies Trees are qualified arborists and tree surgeons with 30 years of experience. We specialise in all professional tree services, including tree removal, tree stump grinding, tree lopping and power line clearance. We can also deliver mulch to you, or even prune your trees. We offer seven days a week service and after hours/emergency call-outs. As a major government, shire and business contractor, we are extremely professional and fully insured. We offer you exceptional, reliable service.