Winter’s not coming, it’s already here!

After shivering through the last few days, it’s clear that winter is well and truly upon us. A change in the weather also means adjusting your garden routine, due to the large amount of rainfall we have had over the last few days, and will continue to experience through the coming months, you can rest easy and cut back on garden water usage – let mother nature do her thing!
Below are some helpful tips to ensure your garden survives the winter season:
  1. Sprinkler roster: Every home has an assigned watering day for their garden, throughout the winter months it is important not to deviate from your homes scheduled day. Due to the heavy rainfall expected within the winter season, there will be less of a need to water your garden on a daily basis.
  2. Soil: In the wet winter months, to keep your garden happy and healthy adding a soil combined with a wetting agent will help retain moisture within your garden. This will not only ensure your plants thrive but also make the most of all the winter rain- your garden thanks you.
  3. Low maintenance plants: Winter is a great time to re-energise your garden. Investing in some low maintenance plants will really improve not only your gardens overall appeal, but will also be easy on your back pocket. Certain native hedges, small shrubs, and succulents will thrive in the winter weather and are a solid investment for not only the winter season but all year round.
  4. Goodbye lawn: Reducing some of the law in your garden will not only slash your water usage but also save you time and money- because who wants to spend their Saturday morning mowing the lawn? Replacing a section of lawn with paving, or even artificial lawn if you still love the look of lush greenery, will add some much needed charm to that tired old backyard, or even modernise an existing space.
  5. Irrigation irritation: There is nothing more frustrating than an irrigation system which sprays water everywhere except the desired garden area. Be sure to regularly check and maintain irrigations systems to ensure there using water efficiently, and on garden areas that need it the most.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our next blog post, where we advise you how best to combat Tree Turmoil.

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