Some Dickies tips for getting your garden ready for Winter

If many of the plants in your garden at home aren’t natives, winter for them can be a little tricky. There are however a few Dickies Tips that could help you to look after them and prepare for what is arguably the toughest of our four seasons.

  1. Like us, vegetables hate winter without a jumper! If you’re growing them, dress them up in a nice thick layer of good quality mulch.
  2. Although there’s only occasional frost in Perth, some of our plants just can’t handle it. One tip is to create a simple structure around them that you can use to throw a cover over at night time. Just remember to uncover them during the day!
  3. If you have potted plants that love summer but start to chicken out when winter comes, be nice to them and let them come inside or, at worst, in an area that is out of the way of the elements. Back of a bit on the watering too.
  4. If you have a lot of trees in your yard, do what you can in terms of cutting them back and rake up your leaves for use in compost. Of course, if you’ve got a tree that’s being a little tricky… you know the song.
  5. Make sure that your plants have a good run-off area for when the rains really hit. You don’t want them drowning! If you live in an area where winter rains are a problem, make sure you provide adequate drainage for your plants.
  6. Rake fallen leaves and add them to your compost pile.

Needless to say we don’t claim to be experts in lawn care, but we do love a nice green spread and some of our clients have the most beautiful examples of lawn in WA. Most types of lawn available nowadays are developed to prosper year round, but have a nice rest during winter.

Ideally you won’t wait for winter to come and this year we’ve been pretty lucky (not the farmers!) in that autumn has been a long one. Now is a good time to love your lawn more and fertilize it regularly.

Let your lawn breathe and aerate it every now and then. This is as simple as piercing it with a pitchfork or, if you have big areas of lawn, places like Bunnings will hire aerators.

As you know doubt know, during summer lawns grows fast and we many of us mow at quite a low height. Change the old clippers to allow longer blades of grass during winter. When it heats up again, have a shorter cut.

Winter’s coming and so are the storms! We hope these tips help and your garden has a great season.

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