Thinking of cleaning your gutters? Here’s some advice

Winter is here, which means your gutters may need cleaning. Debris blocked gutters may cause a leaky roof and water damage to your home. Cleaning your gutters now, can save you both money and time when the storms roll around.

Imagine a blocked drain pipe, water not flowing freely through – this is what happens to abandoned gutters. Gutters serve to control the flow of rain water to protect your homes structural integrity. It’s simple, if they’re blocked – they don’t function properly.

How often should they be cleaned?
Here in Perth we need to clear our gutters twice a year! The Dickies Team recommends before Summer and leading up to Winter. In Summer blocked gutters can be a bushfire hazard, and it winter they can cause water damage as mentioned above.

Before we get started, its important to understand that cleaning gutters can be a tricky and job. It’s important you use the right equipment and eliminate potential risks. If you follow these steps, your gutters will be clear in no time.

  1. Survey the area
    Before you begin, walk outside and have a thorough look at your gutters and surrounding area. Is the floor below level? Are trees or structures blocking clear accessibility and reachability? Is it a particularly windy day? Is there wet weather coming?
  2. Gather a ladder and equipment
    You’ll need a sturdy ladder, a plastic tarp, gloves and a gutter scoop. You can find these at your local hardware or garden store. Also it’s best to wear a strong long sleeved shirt.
  3. It’s better as a two-person job
    Why not get a friendly neighbour, spouse or friend to help you out? Having someone on the ground securing the ladder will make it a much safer and easier job. They can also hand equipment up to you, to keep you from going up and down.
  4. Set up your space
    Lay the plastic tarp on the ground just below and away from your ladder so you can throw debris down onto the ground out of your way.
  5. Get climbing!
    Keep your body centred between the side rails. You have climbed too high if your knees are above the top of the stepladder or if you cannot maintain a handhold on the ladder. Do not “shift” or “walk” a stepladder when standing on it. Do not stand, climb, or sit on the stepladder top or pail shelf. Always have one hand on the ladder to keep your balance. To learn more about ladder safety, read this:
  6. Clean clean clean
    Use the other free hand to scoop or grab the debris out of the gutter and throw it down onto the floor. Once they look pretty clear, it’s time to safely climb down, gather the debris in the tarp and dispose of it sustainably.

And there you have it, our special Dickies tips to cleaning gutters safely this season.

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